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Improving well-being & building stronger communities through creative activities

Hand Drawing

Self Care Creatives teaches self expression and resilience through creative outlets. Mindful activities such as creating art and journaling helps to reduce the stress hormone Cortisol, creating a general improved sense of calm and wellbeing.

Our unique programmes support each participate to enjoy a personalised creative project to support and boost well being. 

Our workshops help individuals to focus on their own version of gratitude and success. We promote self worth and upskill participants through embroidery, journaling and vision boarding.


We nurture a clear vision of what each participant would like to achieve, whilst promoting group collaboration and building strong local communities.

Upskilling participants in a creative way will be a skill that can be passed on and taught to friends and family within the community. Often, our workshop participants feedback that they have started their own creative journaling with their children, parents or siblings as a result of our classes, demonstrating that there is a benefit to the wider social circle through transfer of gained knowledge. Helping to reduce social isolation through regular programmes and our thriving and welcoming online communities. 


The Village Hall


Thread Journal workshops have been running at The Village Hall in The Great Northern Warehouse on Deansgate in Manchester since January 2023.

To date, Introduction To Thread Journaling class has had a 100% subscribed (often with a wait list) demonstrating how their is a very clear need.


A creative, mindful

& positive activity


The feedback for the sessions has been incredible so far, with participants using 3 words to describe how they are feeling at the beginning, and again at the end of the workshops.

The percent of positive words used at the beginning of each session has ranged from 11-50%, however we have consistently received 100% positive words to describe how they are feeling at the end of each session.

Don't just take

our word for it...

"I almost didn't attend because I felt I hadn't "done enough". I was worried that there would be an expectation of progress. I was immediately comforted and put at ease and have had a really lovely evening. I feel better for having got out of my own way and spent the evening with lovely likeminded people. Thank you."

Thread Journal Participant, May 2023

"Thank you so much, this event has been fabulous for a confidence boost - much needed! Love the timing + length of the event, perfect"

Chocolate & Chill session with The Cocoa Tree

"This has given me something to look forward to and focus on when I am feeling down and anxious. It feels great to be a part of a supportive and creative community"

Thread Journal Workshop Participant, May 2023

"Having a class to come to when you are feeling low means you have a reason to get out of the house. Steph is clearly so passionate about mental health and it is a really good safe place to come when you are not feeling yourself"

Thread Journal Workshop Participant, April 2023

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks so much for enabling our patients to attend the Thread Journaling course .  It was a lovely relaxed atmosphere in which to learn something new and it was beneficial to our patients for a range of reasons.  It has provided them with a new, creative and mindful activity that they can take with them anywhere, so ideal when they are attending for treatment or waiting for hospital appointments.  It also provides a relaxing activity to do at home when they may not have much energy and results in having something long-lasting to keep that they can talk about with family and friends, sharing the stories behind each image and enabling treasured memories to be recalled.  So, it also helps keep a focus on positive things, particularly helpful when going through difficult times.
Our patients also benefited from being able to share in the experience of the activity with a member of their family.  The informal feedback I received after the first session was that they were all enjoying it and looking forward to having something that they can share in doing together.  

Alongside the benefits to our patients, I personally have learnt something new that I can dip into, and at the last session it was the anniversary of my dear dad’s death and it was very special with your clear and patient guidance to be able to embroider a rose in his memory that will be kept as part of my thread journal.  As someone with lived experience of going through cancer treatment, I feel that this is something I would have found very helpful in getting through the many weeks and months of restricted activity.  The sessions also provided an opportunity for me to spend time with our patients and my colleagues in a social way, providing an opportunity for us to have a general chat which we don’t normally have much time to do when we are working.  

I feel that what you are doing is so beneficial.  Some of our patients are affected by mental health difficulties alongside dealing with their cancer treatment and I think that thread journaling is particularly beneficial in this respect.  It is a very calming activity and with the required need to focus on the task in hand, a natural mindful activity.

Cancer Care Co-ordinator Haematology, April 2023

"The classes have been amazing. Steph is a great teacher who has lots of patience and enthusiasm. I would recommend this to anyone who needs help with relaxation or their mental health"

Thread Journal Workshop Participant, March 2023

"I love coming to classes because they give you space to think, refocus and learn something new. Steph is so encouraging, friendly and makes an accepting, inclusive space for everyone attending"

Thread Journal Workshop Participant, February 2023

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